Lavender & lavandin

Lavender is the best representation of Provence. It flowers from mid June and exudes a slightly camphor smell.Its color varies from mauve to purple and gives the impression of a vast expanse of water.

The virtues of the essential oil of lavender: it acts on the muscles as a muscle relaxant, it also has soothing and healing effects, and camphor smell acts as an expectorant.

The use of the essential oil of lavender: massage oil, drops (2-3) on the skin, or by diffusion into the atmosphere.

Harvest starts the first week of July. The harvester cuts three lines simultaneously and fills a tractor box. Once full, the box is sent to the distillery, where the lavender is distilled directly from the box. After two hours, the gas obtained from the distillation may be packaged for sale and use.

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