Olive oil

We have a young plantation of 2,000 trees, which are between 5 and 25 years. The plantation is grown under the approved methods of organic farming and produces an average of 20kg of olives per tree. It takes about 5kg of olives to make one litre of olive oil.
We produce two types of olive oil by cold pressing. A cooking oil, made from olives of the variety Aglandau, the most widespread in the Alpes de Haute Provence region. A softer oil, made from the variety Bouteillan.
Our extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its fruity notes, reminiscent of artichoke, apple, banana, grass, fresh almond… It is green, with a slight sensation of spice.
The quality of our oil is governed by Our Quality Charter.

Our olive oil can be used raw, seasoning for salads, soups spice, fish, fresh pasta … or heated.  When used in cooking, its taste and nutritional qualities remain the same.


Cultivation of the Olive Tree

The Payan family has cultivated olive trees on the Plateau de Valensole for three generations.
With a density of 200 trees per hectare, the culture is grown with no irrigation.
The type of harvesting of the olives (whether manual or mechanical) is determined by the tree size.

Trim of the Olive Trees

The ideal time to trim olive trees is between early February and late April. We have several different trim: from ornamental through to production. The production trim is based on the harvest method: by hand, comb, vibrating rod or tree vibrator. We use the latter type for the collection of our olives, which is why our trees are pruned to a specific height, drooping branches are shortened and the heart of the tree clarified.

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Olive harvest

The olive harvest begins in mid November.
Mechanical harvesting reduces the time between when the olives are picked and when it is pressed at the mill, which produces a higher quality olive oil.
The buzzer detaches the olive at the stem through rotation, thanks to a double pulse. Our trees are cut for this purpose and do not suffer under the full force action of the vibrator.

For younger trees we use vibrating rods, which shake the olive branch. The olives fall into nets that are placed at the foot of trees.

The olives are then emptied into crates and transported to the stripper. This sieving machine separates the olives from other foreign matter, fruit leaves etc. The stripped fruit is then brought to the mill.

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Our Quality Charter

Established by us, for the sake of quality, this charter is specifies how we aim to produce the best organic olive oil:

  • The olives are selected with the utmost attention: no dark olives, frozen or oxidized olives are used.
  • Our olive harvest technique preserves the fruit from damage and making a high quality oil.
  • We ensure, that there is less than 12 hours between the olive harvest and transportation to the mill.
  • The olives are pressed only once, ie that our olive oil is obtained by first cold pressing only.
  • Our olive oil is extra virgin quality and is thus labeled AOC Haute Provence.